Gibbs Honey

Gibbs Honey

We’re a small-batch local honey producer based in Hamilton, ON.

Gibbs Honey (Hamilton) is owned and operated by Russell Gibbs, a 4th generation beekeeper and full-time graphic designer.

He got his start in 2011 with just 2 colonies, currently he manages 20 in 2 different locations with plans to expand.

Our honey is a delicious wildflower/clover mix. Unpasteurized, straight from the hive to the jar.

We manage 20 colonies in 2 locations—a 52 acre former Christmas Tree Farm near Binbrook and a 100 acre multi-use farm in Burlington.

Gibbs Honey is available July-October at several Farmers’ Markets and Fleas, directly from the Beekeeper or in select retail locations—check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.