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Swarm days

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Swarm days

We never get lucky when it comes to swarms. We either just miss them or they are too far up in a tree. This year was a bit different, and all on the same day! 

First I pulled into one of our yards, I could hear the swarm but couldn't spot them. This yard is surrounded by 40-60ft trees, I knew it would be impossible to catch. I finally spotted them and as I suspected they were up far too high.

As I was working the other hives and I hear a branch crack and thought to myself "wouldn't it be great if the branch the bees were on fell and I could catch the swarm?" ... about 10 minutes later, the branch drops and I was able to house the swarm! 


Next, on the way home I spotted a swarm on a fence post ... Quickly got my gear out of the truck, caught it and brought it back home.