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Our honey

Our honey is raw, pure, unprocessed—and totally delicious. Everything is produced by our bees, all located within 30 kilometres of our family farm in Vankleek Hill.

Our process

We believe in honest honey. Straight from the hive to the jar. All of our honey, wax and propolis is produced by our bees and packaged by us, which means we control the quality every step of the way.

We’re connected to our production at each stage. Nothing comes between us and our bees. This means we can ensure the highest standards and preserve our honey’s flavours, valuable nutrients and antioxidants, as well as the welfare of our bees and the ecology of our yards.

With minimal processing, we’re capturing honey in its perfect state. Just the way nature intended.

What makes our honey different?

Location, location, location (and diversity). Our yards are situated amongst wildflower meadows, mixed forests, organic farms and natural pastures of clover and alfalfa. It’s pretty ideal actually.

We purposely handpick and situate our yards in diverse areas, which yields a greater depth of taste than you can achieve with single-varietal honeys. This also ensures a diverse and healthy diet for the bees, giving them access to as wide a diet of local plants and nectar as possible. We have yards that have been in use for over 100 years and are always looking for new locations where our bees will thrive.

Our products:

  • Raw liquid honey
  • Raw whipped honey
  • Raw hopped honey
  • Propolis

What does our honey taste like?

Our honey is noted for its floral characteristics. It’s smooth, balanced and not too sweet.

Just like wine, honey is a product of its terroir, the specific conditions of the area where it’s produced and reflecting all the subtle changes in blooms, weather and soil of a particular season. We like to think of honey as a time capsule of the season, captured in our jars. We even keep jars from different seasons much like people do with vintages of wine.

Honey gives you the opportunity to have a relationship with the environment through flavour. We encourage you to try different honey from different regions and beekeepers, to see just how much the tastes can vary. Pairing honey with various foods is a great way to compare and discover all the subtleties across varietals.